www.spicybids.com Cheating People By Bidding

I have seen ad of SpicyBids.com in Google. SpicyBids attract users to show their attractive product in low cost. I had purchased bids upto Rs. 21000/-. I had bids on many products however they increase the bids and suddenly stop the auction and declare a winner. I have observe the system a few people always win a bids. Spicybids is a fraud website. The concept behind the fraud is to make people bid and do not give them any products. And they charge for each bid.

In between when I have purchased a bids and sent a mail to SpicyBids.com that I don’t think so you’re genuine website and I want my money back whatever I had left in my account they denied to pay me and I had to bids on products.

SpicyBids.com site should be banned.

May 12th, 2011 by