Nokia Lumia 630: First Impression

Yesterday, I got the Nokia’s upcoming lumia…The Lumia 630. This is the first time I am having a WINDOWS PHONE anyway I got it for one day, & Now I thought that I should write a review……


The 4.5 in display is good (in my terms)..Text appear sharp & color was well produced. I don’t like the Viewing angles because color desaturate when seeing a phone from a different angle.

Sunlight readablity was ok when set brightness to high.


Hardware & Performance:

Here, It wins my heart, really impressive performance, no lags nothing lacks here afterall Nokia has added the superb Snapdragon 400 SoC this time.


Like the other lumia phones it is also have that plastic back side cover (removing that back cover, was not so easy :’), So not nothing new here.


The phone has two sim card slots (both are micro sim). Call quality is good but not that much (maybe this is only in my review unit).

Phone has 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth ,GPS & all that sharing stuff which worked very good.

Downloading is really enjoyable in this phone. (I remember I was able to download Trial Xtreme 3 in just 10 mins…I mean Whoa!!..)


This is the part is the deciding factor of the phone. This lumia boasts a 5 MP camera with no LED flash support (nokia, what happened, dude).

But let me tell you, This 5 MP sensor really played well.

The phone comes preloaded with 4 camera vision (you can get store)

The nokia camera (i tried it for the 1st time & enjoyed it) has many creativity features & I remember, I was walking on middle of the road photographing all my surroundings….& people there were staring me……:D . I will soon upload some camera samples & that will help you to decide.

Nokia claims that this is best budget camera phone yet. I guarantee that it is……


Awesome phone with a big screen , stylish back cover, Giant processor, & Awesome camera. So buddy what do you want in 12K…huh!

Pros: Big Screen, Superb processor, Above average camera…

Cons: No LED flash, call quality, No front camera

So, this was my review for Nokia Lumia 630. I don’t know if the problem stated in review (if any…;) is in my unit or whatever……See you next time…till then do what you want….:P

April 25th, 2014 by