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October 5th, 2011 by admin

How many times a whole lot of us have met someone and judged them for the worse right off the bat. well i’ve done that a countless number of times and have been proved wrong an equal number of times. what makes us so judgemental about others? Is it fear or some sort of pessimistic instinct where our first thought about someone tends to be negative or can the judgemental bit be truly ascribed to our very own insecurity.

Well here’s my theory which purely is based on experience supported by hours and hours spent on what people would call brooding. I call it introspection, which i believe should be a weekly ritual for anyone who tends to get antsy about stuff like i do.

I always thought of myself as someone who was non judgemental but then there were times when i saw myself forming opinions about people i barely knew. One of the reasons why i was walking around being all pompous and judgemental about the fellow beings i came across was a deep sense of insecurity which obviously for me at the moment was a feeling of being righteous.The little fool that i was. but then i guess it’s Human nature and comes naturally to us and i’m not the only one. So who exactly gave us the authority to be like that??

we go around categorizing people – good and bad, ugly and beautiful, acceptable and unacceptable and at the same time not realising our own poor preparedness for the actual day of final Judgement. (Yes that’s why the title of this write up) How come we never give that a thought.We meet someone and pass judgement about them before we’ve even had a chance to get to know them and all the while not even realizing that we ourselves are being monitored every moment of our lives. And what worked at hammering this fact in my head is the famous Bible quote “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?”

That does scare the shit out of me. And that’s good cuz now i can concentrate more on my actions and not waste my energies trying to mull over what people are doing or how they’re behaving. It has also helped me getting over the rift i created between people and myself in my own head. I’m much calmer and balanced. I’ve learnt to leave people to their opinions, choices, way of being that’s natural for them. basically just minding my own business.

So like i read somewhere let’s stop being so damn judgemental & crucifying everyone who doesn’t fit into our boxed-in

perceptions of what is right.

by Reema Katoch

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