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March 21st, 2011 by kunal

Hi Guys,

Today I will share about how you can draw with flash cs5. As my aim is to be an ANIMATOR so i’m posting it.

First, Draw any kind of cartoon character , doesn’t matter the correctness because cartoons are funny,┬áso i draw this (i know my drawing skills are not so good):

That's my cartoon..

The above cartoon is made by me (Funny :)).

Second, import it in flash..


Third, Just make some shapes on sketch like you are making outline of it by using oval tool, rectangle & line tool..etc.

Fourth, Just keep it up…and at the end just fill the color one thing about me is that i don’t have colorlense in my eyes..:(

That’s it…

Have a nice day…!!

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June 9th, 2010 by kunal

Simply, I’m gonna using caurina tweener available at on how to create toggle fullscreen button.

Step-1: Design a Button

  1. Open Flash and create Flash File 2.0
  2. On the First key frame, take Rectangle Tool(R), and draw this on stage or you can also take a button of your choice.
  3. Convert it to Movie Clip by pressing F8 by selecting it.
  4. Give it a instance name fullscreen_button.

Now our designing section complete.

Step-2: Using Caurina Tweener

  1. Select first keyframe and press F9 to view Action panel.
  2. write

import caurina. transitions.tweener {

// Main Function called fullScreenSetup
var fullScreenSetup:Function = function () {
// Uses Caurina Tweener To Give a RollOver Effect
base.fullscreen_button.onRollOver = function () {
Tweener.addTween(this, {_alpha:50, time: 1, transition:”easeOutExpo”});
// Reset’s the animation when roll out.
base.fullscreen_button.onRollOut = function () {
Tweener.addTween( this, {_alpha:100, time: 1, transition:”easeOutExpo”});
// When pressed, it runs an if statement.
base.fullscreen_button.onRelease = function () {
// If the stage is normal, fullscreen is activated. If not nothing happens.
if (Stage[“displayState”] == “normal”) {
Stage[“displayState”] = “fullScreen”;
} else {
Stage[“displayState”] = “normal”;

//to initiate this function


Finish, Enjoy!

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May 26th, 2010 by kunal

If we look around us, we can see a lot of things. These things are much pretty and straightforward, but when we look them carefully, they are made up of others things. Now I’m taking an example of mobile phone, by mobile phone we can call anybody when we have sim card:


By above method we can call to anyone we want but how software works so let’s see:

Apps Tree

So the above diagram showing that the MAIN APPLICATION is controlled by the three classes. Now if we want to make a connection like inheritance where one object is based on another object:

Apps Tree

To standardize the communication between above classes, you must have things such as interfaces where you define a contraction that each class must implement:

Apps tree

Each of these topics contains of many other things like properties, methods, functions, abstract data types, constructors, class modifiers, polymorphism, overloading, etc. Hey guys just cool , you don’t need to afraid from these topics. All topics will make sense after you see them in friendlier fashion.


So the conclusion is a composition of classes and interfaces which work together at one time are called OOPs(Object Oriented Programming).

Next time we’ll discuss about ActionScript 3.0

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